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I wanted to post this article long time before, but the subjet was really important for me so I prefered to make it proprely. Let met introduce you to a very special brand for me, martinecosmetics. For the French who will read me some have surely already heard  about Gaëlle Garcia Diaz, a beauty personality on Youtube. Ok I know, some of you will say "Yes I know her because ofJimmy Labeeu" but I hope that the majority know her first through her youtube channel. I am following her for about 3 years, almost when she started her channel and I love her. She has a sens of humor that some would describe as trash, but for me it is exactly the vibe I love. But let's talk about something now...

lI find it really sad that in 2020, a woman is still criticized for her attitude too "trash" or too "provocative". What is it to be trash, provocative? Can't we just leave women alone and let them be what they want ? When an humourist comes on stage and plays his role, do we come after the show to ask him why he was too effeminate, why he is too shiny etc ... NO. We laugh at his sketch an then we go. I am far from being the type of girl to shout on all the roofs at the injustice of women, but I find it good to remind from time to time that we are all human and that sometimes you just have to relax and appreciate the content. Or go anywhere else if the humor does not suit for you, which is also understandable. Anyway, after this little polemical time ( but always with good intention), let's move on her brand now ! A few months ago she released her brand martinecosmetics which I had the chance to test already since January. At first I will not lie I was not excited to buy it because I found that there was this wave on youtube of "I make my own book, my own brand" everywhere. But as I liked her channel, I listened to what she had to say like the fact that this brand was her dream since childhood. She said she had spent months finding the perfect pigmentation for her products so I thought let's go try it out. My birthday was right at that time so I received his products as gifts.

What have I already received?

1. The soft tchoin palette at 44.95€

The colors are perfect. Really no complaints, the pigmentation is strong (but not too much), no drop and the colors we see are the ones we have. The only complain if you want to be picky : the glittery shades are difficult to apply with a brush, I recommend the use of the finger. But again, this kind of "concern" I found it in many palettes so I think that it is the texture that makes this.

2. The matte lip chubby Emy at 14.95€ I really like the shape of the pencil, which applies like a lip liner, but for the entire lip. The same for the color, what we see on the picture it's what we have on the lips. But, I found that the pencil is too "matte" because if I put too much, or that I keep it too long during the day, my lips become too dry.

3. The dark brow liner at 12.95€

Similar to Goof Proof Brow from benefit, it applies well, leaves color well all day and does not drool. Perfect and cheaper.  

4. The orgasmic mascara at 14.95€ My less favorite of those 4 , because I am a big fan of the "Better than sex" from Too Faced, I find that the mascara makes too much clump as soon as we want to apply a little more than usual. Nevertheless it is still pretty good, especially for 14,95€. Ps: You will find that the names of the products are quite "provocative" , you know related with her personality, again sensitive souls abstain (#joke). 

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