Confinement care and avocado

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During this very special period for all of us, one thing remains certain: we must find something to do.

Some of us will think of cooking, other sports or drawings but on this website, you understood that we will talk about beauty and more specifically about skincare. Let me give you 3 simple masks that you can do at your home easily and help our skin fight these few weeks without the sun. 


1. Hydrating mask: cucumber One of the oldest tricks of grandma'.We find it as well in real life with the beautician as in popular culture in many films when the girls are relaxing in front of the pool with those cucumbers on her face. To make this super easy mask, cut slices of cucumber, leave for 15 minutes and your face is hydrated again, all gently. What makes cucumber so hydrating? Because of their 90% water composition that boosts your skin to another level. 

2. Mask for a radiant complexion: honey It is well known but yet we forget it, honey is a quick and effective way to make your skin shine again. By mixing it with fresh cream and lemon (but not too much!), your skin will be cleansed of all its impurities and external aggression. This will give your skin a boost to shine while waiting for those good days when you will be outside again.

3. Regenerating mask: banana and avocado Bananas are often eaten when we are sick, but why? Because it's full of vitamins good for the body. So why not also take it when you want to make a homemade mask. Mix those vitamin B, C and E cocktails of the banana with 1 avocado full of fatty acids. Leave on for 20 minutes at most, then rinse and enjoy your baby skin!

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