K beauty : the new revolution?

Here in Occident, we think we are at the cutting edge of technology with our super-covering concealers, but not so far away there is a real industry full of innovation and promises: K beauty world. Let's talk about it

Korea is among the top exporters of cosmetics before China and France, its industry representing last year sales of 1.1 billion products sold. Their manufacturing and product development cycle are really much faster and more precise than us, with 4 months versus 1 year for large French groups such as L'Oréal for example. Why? Because Korean beauty brands understand that every consumer wants at least 1 new product in their routine almost every month. Yes, every month.

If in Occident we want to make sure that our packaging is made of pastel colors, is neutral, with sleek logos, back there in Korea it is quite the opposite, the more unusual it is, the better.

We also know many of their products without really knowing it, such as the BB and CC Cream, which has become popular over the past 10 years, or one of the most popular brands ERBORIAN.

If we want more and more to invest in K beauty it is because they understood long before us the importance of using quality products and especially natural, using a lot of donkey milk, snail or Aloe Vera. Korea is where the real innovations are made, not just in terms of products, but especially in term of daily use. Many SPF products come from there to protect the skin from UV rays before it was only in summer when we were at the beach. Here we want to hide no matter what, in Korea, they correct and sublime by combining make-up and care which gives really great hybrid products

In the end, Korean products appeal to everyone, both young people with insane packagings, and for the older's one with a natural composition. In other words, if you've never tested K beauty, now may be the time to do it. For that, go for example on YesStyle where you will find a lot of well-known brands that you can have delivered only in a few days !

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