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Have you ever noticed that when you enter a Sephora store, even if you did not plan to buy anything, you often end up with at least 1 item with you? And when you go with friends who do not want to buy anything, they end up buying a "little something" for pleasure.

How does Sephora encourage us to spend money without even realizing it?

  1. The presentation: At Sephora, everything is done so that you go to each stand because each brand is different and one of them could be your next beauty routine. Sephora often puts forward its own "cheaper" products, to easily make you buy from the beginning. When you stop in front of a stand, Sephora will always put the most expensive products on top, at eye level, because those are the ones you will see first.

  2. Influencers: This trend is especially present in the United States when you will find a whole range of "star" products that you have probably met in a Youtube video of your favourite makeup artist. Why? Because Sephora knows very well the power that can have the opinion of someone on a product, especially if this someone is well-known

  3. The testers: At Sephora, you can almost try everything for free and even ask to get the makeup for free by a Sephora professional. Why offer so many free services? Because they know that it is by pampering the customer that he will feel special and will buy more products or more expensive products than he had originally planned. Having makeup and advice at the same time allows Sephora advisers to tacitly influence the consumer's brand choice towards more luxurious choices

  4. Luxury Samples: If you are familiar with Sephora, you have already experienced at least once this, when you arriving at the checkout and passing a final corner of a small luxurious product that I will call "luxury samples". A Fenty Beauty mini foundation, a HundaBeauty mini blush, or a mini day cream La Neige at a "lower cost". Instead of paying $ 40 you only pay $ 20. A windfall you think? A stroke of genius rather. In fact, if you look carefully, the quantity/price ratio is much more interesting for a normal product than a small product because it is not quite fair to divide the price by 2 when the quantity is divided by 3.


If Sephora has such a world-renown for being a must-have beauty brand, it is also a ruthless place with regard to their use of psychology on the client and the techniques used to make them buy more. Nevertheless, we will give one thing to Sephora: they are very good at this job.

Yes I know now you want to buy some products: SEPHORA

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