Gardening with Lush


Lush, I didn't like it before. I remember I came one time into the store and it smelled so strongly that even if I wanted to buy a product, at that time I just wanted to go out to smell "normal" again. Seriously the person in charge of this should do something because I am not the first one to say this.I know, Lush's products are natural and that is why we feel them more. But that does not excuse all. That being said, one day I braved my fear and finally manage to get inside and try.


My first purchase: HERBALISM A fairly gentle exfoliant for the face that I instantly loved because I always had a little acne, especially when I was on my period and I wanted to find a product that could reduce this. One girl in Lush then recommended me this product for its anti-bacterial side which cleans the face thanks to nettles and rosemary. The whole is softened thanks to the rice bran.I really recommand HERBALISM for dry to combination skin because it helps rebalance the skin and its PH in a good way (remove excess sebum).

Please note: I would like to add an important point which is different for everyone : allergy. At the beginning of my use of the product I had a few pimples which became "worse" with the product (which is quite a problem when the product is supposed to remove them). But I think it was due to a use of another product in combination which caused me that because since then nothing ! I therefore advise you to be careful because the nettles present in it apparently can cause micro reactions. Again, up to your skin types and especially to the reactions  your body can do.

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