Cosmetics 2.0 : 5 beauty trends to watch for 2020

Dernière mise à jour : 24 avr. 2020

More and more changes had happened in the last 10 years. From nanotechnology to the use of AI or 3D printing, between fiction and reality, we are just 2 steps away from getting there. We remember, for example, this year's CES in Las Vegas where L'Oréal presented Perso, a small portable box capable of generating a foundation or lipstick suitable for 100% of the person.

In a few years, we will have new brands arriving with products so unthinkable that it would be difficult to present them here. On the other hand, one thing is certain, the trends of the coming years in the world of cosmetics are already there. Here are the 5 beauty trends to watch out carefully.

1. Synchronization with nature

The world is changing and now we want to reconnect with others but especially with ourselves. And what could be better than starting with our origins, nature itself? In the end, “The active ingredient represents 5% of the beauty product. Manufacturers still have the flexibility to change the 95% of the formula by making it cleaner, without sinking into greenwashing "replies Alexis Robilllard, creator of All Tigers, a vegan and natural brand of makeup.

Many new brands have understood this and are purchasing this goal of making us reconnect with our bodies. We think of Herbivore which relies on the emotion of the body. They popularised the "rolls", some sticks of stones in quartz, emerald or jade, which thanks to micro-vibrations on the face would awaken our senses.

We find in the same idea of “synchronization and cycles” Typology or Cassiopea. They understood that the woman did not always have products adapted to her daily life. Typology then launched «Woman" a set of 4 serums suitable for the 4 weeks of the menstrual cycle. Cassiopea Winlevi Cream, on the other hand, would limit the effects of hormones and decrease the blockage of pores linked to testosterone: a way to reduce hormonal acne.

2. Diversity and inclusiveness

Before we had the same image of the perfect woman: white, thin, flawless and smiling. In short, we forgot 99.9999% of other women. The simple fact that by writing the word inclusiveness on my keyboard, the corrector told me that the word did not exist proves how far we are from this. Yet brands with beautiful stories have entered the market to prove that diversity is the future and that inclusiveness should be part of every brand.

I am thinking in particular of this beautiful French brand, MEME, which offers products specially designed for the sensitive skin of women with cancer. Likewise, OMUM offers care adapted to the different skin that woman experience during their pregnancy.

Finally, Hello Body has been offering products for each woman for a few years, whatever her skin type or her environment. Recently they launched a new range CARA, adapted to sensitive skin and exposed to pollution.


3. Simple and true

Before, there was a time when ultra-complex formulas that promise impossible wonders were famous. But now, let’s be clear, it’s over. We are in 2020, in one click we can know if the brand is lying to us, if it’s ethical and if it deserves our attention. Brands, therefore, have every interest in listening to us and above all listening to our desire for simplicity and truth.

Applications like Clean beauty decrypts the beauty/care components of our products and tell us exactly if it is good for us. Soon, we will only be using components like retinol, vitamin C, D etc... so that we could reproduce at home some DIY with that if we wanted to. Again, Typology is surfing on the trend with their promise «10 ingredients or less". They minimize the list of ingredients by promising increased effectiveness.

4. Technology and customization

As you saw in the introduction, it's time for personalization. Current technology offers consumers ultra-connected products that are adapted to each moment in their life. We find brands like Roja Dove which already offered personalized support to find our fragrance, that suggests the use of 3D printers to recreate a unique fragrance for everyone.

Mink Beauty will also launch a portable makeup printer that will print the makeup you want on a sheet for then a direct application. We find other brands more into AI, like Himirror which analyze dark circles, complexion or even the pores of our skin. Finally, P&G has announced to work on a special wand which would also detect the imperfections of the skin but this time to avoid wasted makeup: we would only apply it where we really need it.

5. Learning and DIY beauty

 Now is the time for learning. Although brands mistakenly believe that the consumer no longer wants to do things by himself and wants to deliver everything to us in on click only, it appears an opposite trend of "do by myself".

In response to this, Aroma Zone began to offer beauty and care kits to make at home, 100% natural and where we know exactly what we will put in it. A bit like the do-it-yourself kits that we did when we were small, they offer this to everyone. Also, imagine doing your nails in 5 minutes by changing the pattern as much as you want thanks to a special E-Ink. Even if it’s currently only used for electronic paper, that information tells us that soon we will maybe be able to change our nails according to our moods.

Bonus: Imprudence, dreamers of the future

As you can see, the world of tomorrow is not so unknown to us, and a lot of people re already trying to decode it faster than we think. Among them, there is a special website, as I will call it, dreamer of the future. This is Imprudence, a website that started to imagine what the products of tomorrow would look like.

Among these products, we can find Ecoglitter, a cream that would help us fight global warming, NanoFilters, makeup that can be controlled from our phone or Spook that will take care of our well-being. You have a lot of good ideas to dream about for a while, but be careful and watch your news feed, because one day it may well be the products that you will have in your everyday beauty routine.

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